27th April – 07th May 2017   I  MAP KL, Kuala Lumpur

Travel Photographer Society strongly believes that  life is a continuous learning process that is why we have arranged Workshops with Dr. Shahid ul Alam, Khaula Jamil, Tewfic El Sawy & Etienne Bossot.

These workshops are open to everyone and it will be great for learning photography tips  as these richly experienced  photographers walk you through their experiences. It is not only for beginners but will be of great value for professional photographers as well.   These workshops will help you polish your skills and under the guidance of these renowned photographers you will be able to learn and add meaning to your work.

Do not miss this great learning experience with any ONE of our Instructors. Details of what to expect in  each workshop are given below.

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Workshop by Khaula Jamil (maximum 12 students)

07 May 2017

01 day workshop

Tuition fees: MYR 250/ student


Workshop by Tewfic El Sawy  (maximum 12 seats)

27 April 2017 – 02 May 2017

06 days Workshop

Tuition fees: MYR1900/ student


Workshop by Dr.Shahidul Alam (maximum 12 seats)

3 May 2017 – 06 May 2017

Tuition fees MYR 1050/


Workshop by Etienne Bossot (maximum 12 students)

04 May 2017 – 07 May 2017

04 days workshop

Tuition fees: MYR1700/ student




Choose one of the instructors depending on your interest and apply now to avoid disappointment. Seats will be confirmed upon full payment.  There are only limited seats for each Masterclass/ workshop.

Travel Photographer Society  2017 photography workshops Instructors & course outline :

Basics of Photography with Khaula Jamil

This one day wokhaula-jamil-2-sqrkshop is designed for amateurs in photography or hobbyists who are looking to improve their art of taking pictures. It doesn’t matter what kind of a camera you own, what is important is that you train your eye to see what you want to photograph so that you are able to produce good quality aesthetically appealing images. Photography is more than technical finesse- in this class you will learn how to LOOK and how to creatively capture what you see whether it is people, objects or buildings.

The day will begin at 10am with an Introduction to the basics of photography such as Light, Composition, Framing, Exposure, Depth of Field and theory of Basic Post Production tips will be given also.  Towards the end of the workshop we will view the best 10 images from each participant and the floor will be open to questions about what you learnt during the day. For those working with DSLRS during the course of the workshop we will discuss using the right type of lens, decide what is important in your image, understand rules of composition and how to break them.


10.00-11:30: Theory class

11:30-1:00: Go to chosen place and photograph

1:00-2:00: Lunch Break

2:00-3:00: Continue shooting in the same or different location

4:00-5:00: Return to Publika and review images/discuss and Individual feedback

What do you need to get?

  • Any sort of digital camera you have and take pictures with.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged
  • Any transfer cable of your camera to transfer images from camera to laptop
  • Notebook with a pen.

Who is this workshop for?

You could be anyone- you just need to be someone interested in photography or just starting out and need to brush up on the basics. You could be a student, a housewife, a teacher or a grandfather or grandmother – there is no restriction on who can take this class!

About Khaula

An independent freelance documentary photographer, photojournalist and an entrepreneur, Khaula Jamil is an avid traveler and observationalist, working for organizations/multinational corporations and businesses in documenting and collecting visual stories of their projects in Pakistan. Born and raised in Karachi, Jamil did her Bachelors in Communication Design Degree from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and then pursued an MFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design in 2009 on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Though Jamil’s photography has been published both in print and online, nationally and internationally, her most far reaching, most popular and effective undertaking remains the Facebook photography project, “Humans of Karachi” started in 2012, inspired directly by Brandon Stanton’s“Humans of New York”. 

Storytelling With Photographs And Audio with Tewfic El Sawy


Tewfic El-Sawy will teach a multimedia class that allows its participants to concentrate on the story, rather than on the application. The purpose and aim of the class is multifaceted; it aims to show photographers how to weave their still photography into stories, how to use ambient or other recorded audio to enhance the stories, and how to use these images and audio to produce cogent photo stories under the simulation of publishing deadlines.

Part of the class’s time will be spent photographing in the field, while indoors time will be devoted to weaving the material into photo stories. Most of the software for this workshop are freely available as apps.

Here’s an example of a short multimedia story produced by Tewfic during his 2016 Travel Photographer Asia’s workshop.https://youtu.be/F0EpG8AQoFU



What language will it be in?


Who is this workshop target at?
Basic, intermediate and advanced enthusiasts.

 How long will it take?

Six long days where you will need to work hard: Part of it will involve active sessions with the group, but part of it will also involve going out and taking photographs (with whatever tools at your disposal).

Do I need to be a good photographer to start with?

Absolutely not. But you do need to come in with an open mind, and a willingness to experiment and you will need to be prepared to work hard and go outside your comfort zone.

 Will it be hard work?


 Will I have fun?


Technical requirements:
DSLRs, digital compact cameras, smartphones,  a laptop that is powerful enough for photo editing purposes, basic user knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and or Lightroom.  We will atleast one technical assistants as well to help you during the workshop.

About Tewfic

Based in New York City, Tewfic El-Sawy is a freelance photographer who specializes in documenting endangered cultures and traditional life ways of Asia, Latin America and Africa. His images, articles and photo features were published in various magazines, and his travel photographs were featured by some of the largest adventure travel companies in the United States and Great Britain, as well as in multinational corporations’ art collections. Known as The Travel Photographer, he plans, organizes and leads photo expeditions-workshops for other photographers, with emphasis on travel photography, multimedia storytelling and documentary photography…a hybrid style akin to “a photojournalist photographing travel.” He is also the founder of The Travel Photographer blog, and a faculty member in the Foundry Photojournalism Workshops. Interested in traditional and non-traditional religious manifestations, he just launched his personal photographic project book titled “The Spirit Mediums of Vietnam”.


Photo Stories That Breathe with Dr. Shahidul Alam 

3rd May – 6th May 2017

(For Malaysian citizens Dr.Shahidul Workshop only for MYR850) if interested please email us at info@travelphotographersociety.com  as seats are limited and purchase ticket by 10th April 2017)



About Dr. Shahidul

Dr Shahidul set up among others the award winning Drik Picture Library, The Bangladesh Photographic Institute, Pathshala, The South Asian Media Academy etc.  Dr. Shahidul also member of advisory board of National Geographic Society.

Dr. Shahidul was the first Asian to chair the International Jury of World Press Photo. He is the recipient of numerous international awards and the first Asian to receive the Mother Jones International Award for Documentary Photography.

Dr. Shahidul is only Bangladeshi to adorn the cover page of Time Magazine in 2009 and has the rare privilege of making the portrait of Nelson Mandela his last official portrait.

In 2015, Dr. Shahidul Alam was awarded the Silpakala Padak, the highest civilian award for arts by his country. His works of photography, short films and writings have gained worldwide recognition and acclaim. His book ‘My Journey as a witness’ has been regarded as the ‘most important book ever written by a photographer by John Morris, former editor of Life Magazine.



What is Travel Photography, and how to develop your inner voice for better images with Etienne Bossot


et-sqWhen doing Travel Photography in Asia it is very tempting to go and explore the main visited areas, places we have seen photos of and we’d like to capture. But after some years we can end up with the same “cliché” images as everyone else does, and we are confronted with locals who see us as a way of making money.

So how can we, first, develop our composition skills to find more inspiration and originality in our images? Then, I’d like to share my experience of traveling through Asia and the best possible ways to visit locations that will offer  the best photo opportunities, but also discussing how can we travel in a smarter way to facilitate the contact with the locals and capture images in a respectful way.

Part of the class will be spent indoor, discussing composition tips and techniques. We will also spend a good amount of time creating discussions around the topic of Travel photography. There will be 1.5 days of shooting in the field, and a last day of photo reviews from the shooting time.


What language will it be in?


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone with a good understanding of photography and some advanced knowledge about the camera (we will not spend much time talking about camera settings)

How long will it take?

This workshop will last 4 days.

Will it be hard work?

The goal of this workshop is to help people getting out of their comfort zone in order to reach a better understanding of Travel Photography. This will require some work of course, but when one loves photography, it is never work!

Will I have fun?

We are not here to be too serious about ourselves, of course we will have a lot of fun!

Technical requirements:

A camera, any camera. But ideally one that leaves us room for our creativity, meaning being able to control the settings.

About Etienne Bossot

Etienne is a wedding, commercial but mostly Travel photographer based in Hoi An, Vietnam for over 10 years. For the last 7 years Etienne has been leading daily photography workshops around Hoi An, as well as longer photography tours through Asia.

You can find some of his teachings and tours on www.picsofasia.com